Types of disciplinary actions reported are:
  • License revocation, suspension, fine, reprimand, censure, surrender or other action imposed against one of their licensees (individual, partnership, corporation, or other entity) for violating the laws and rules governing real estate brokers and salespersons, time-share salespersons, or other regulated real estate practitioners.
  • Denial of a real estate license due to matters relating to the applicant's character
  • Criminal conviction or civil injunction imposed upon a person or entity for acting as a real estate broker, salesperson, timeshare salesperson, or other regulated practitioner without the required license.

Only final disciplinary actions taken against a licensee following a hearing, by consent, or through some other formal administrative process for violations of the member’s real estate, or related, license law or rules are included in the reports. Therefore, although some members consider licenses “revoked” when licensees fail to renew their licenses or to complete required continuing education, these types of actions are not “revocations” for purposes of the DADB

ARELLO® request submissions for the database include:
  1. the licensee’s name and any other unique identifying information
  2. the licensee’s license number and type of license held (such as broker, salesperson, timeshare salesperson, property manager
  3. the date the sanction was imposed
  4. the case or file number or other identification number identifying the disciplinary action taken;
  5. whether the action is on appeal or is within the time period allowed for appeal of the decision.