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Disciplinary Action Database (DADB)

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The ARELLO Disciplinary Action Database is designed to assist real estate licensing authorities in their processes for evaluating the honesty, trustworthiness, and competency of license applicants by providing them a mechanism to help determine whether an applicant for licensure has had disciplinary action imposed by a real estate license authority in another jurisdiction.

How it's used

Most states/provinces/territories run the names of all their license applicants (resident, non-resident and renewal) by this database to ensure that these individuals have not been the subject of disciplinary action. The ARELLO Disciplinary Action Database is a powerful consumer protection tool and is incredibly easy for regulators to utilize.

Web-Based Interface

Regulatory officials or their designees needing to submit to or search the Disciplinary Action Database can now do so in real-time. Updates to the DADB are submitted and made available instantaneously. The web-based interface has also enabled ARELLO to add improved capabilities in regard to security, search ability, and billing reconciliation for entities registered to search the DADB.

Benefits of the Disciplinary Action Database

Immediate access to disciplinary actions imposed internationally allowing more informed decisions about license issuance or renewal.

Immediate access to validate licensure thereby eliminating jurisdictions having to complete a license history or license certification if used in conjunction with ARELLO.COM.

Verify a license applicant's past disciplinary record (imposed by another jurisdiction) prior to license issuance by matching on name, birth date and/or last 4 digits of SSN.

Check all current licensees against the DADB either annually or otherwise to verify that no licensee has a recorded license sanction of record (particularly revocation or suspension).

Monitor nonresident licensees who hold multiple jurisdictional licenses and continually verify that no disciplinary action has been imposed by another jurisdiction.

A Typical Example

Heres a typical example illustrating the value of the disciplinary action database. The name and other information have been modified:

"Mr. Bob L Smith, SSN 9999 applied for a license and indicated that he only held a license in Tennessee. While checking the Disciplinary Action Database we found that a Bob Lee Smith with an SSN of 9999 also maintained a Mississippi license however, he had been suspended in Mississippi for 2 years due to commingling of funds (as stated in the investigative report). Application has been denied due to falsification of license application."

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